Soya Comics Social RSS reader for web comics

Your favorite comics are scattered across different websites and are only accessible while you have an internet connection. Web comic lovers rejoice! Soya Comics is an amazing app that allows you to access your favorite comics in one convenient place, even while offline.

Soya Comics is an easy to use RSS reader designed specifically to fetch your favorite comics. The simple interface makes adding your comics a snap. You'll be having a blast browsing your comics without ever worrying about a learning curve.

"Soya is very fun and easy to use. I've been loving it!" Jeremy K. Santa Cruz, CA

Flexible View

Some comics are big and tall, some have tiny print. Soya Comics puts you in command with intuitive controls.

Very Social

Soya Comics is a community! Contribute, share, and report to make Soya even better. Easily share comics with your friends.

Anywhere (even offline)

Soya saves your comics locally so you can access them even while offline.

Battery Smart

You can re-open comics instantly without using an internet connection giving you a huge boost in battery life.

Community Love

You will be part of a community of fellow comic lovers! Contribute by adding new comic feeds, and sharing your favorite comics. Discover new favorites with a growing library of comics.

Garfield, Dilbert, Cyanide and Happiness, XKCD, Boondocks, wrobbert, you name it. Soya Comics is a dream app for web comic lovers.

Add your favorite comic!

It's really easy, simply submit the comic RSS feed of your favorite comic! The feed will be added to Soya instantly.