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» What can I add to reader?
Books up to 5MB in size, you may copy/paste the entire book into the provided form fields or upload TXT or PDF versions of the book.
» How do I add items to my book shelf?

You will probably want to copy and paste your book from the computer. Open up reader ( with Firefox or Safari on your computer. Log in with your username and password. Click the "+ Add to shelf" button.

Then simply select the type, title, content of the file you are pasting. If you want to have a Book, let's say it's Crime and Punishment, available on your iPhone simply find an eBook version of it (More on finding eBooks below).

Highlight the entire book with your mouse and simply hit Copy and Paste it into the "Content" field of reader. If your computer for some reason is having trouble copying the entire book you can copy and paste in smaller chunks. Once you are satisifed hit the "+ Add Item to Shelf" button. Depending on the size of your book it might take a bit of time (up to 1 minute) for reader to reformat, secure and store your book. Please be patient and do not interrupt reader during this process.

If the book is too long reader will automatically split it up into multiple parts to reduce load time, this greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to open a book on your iPhone.

You will then see a success message and you can now access your book from the iPhone!
» How do I open a book?
You can open any book on your shelf simply by tapping on the icon for the book. Please be patient while the book is opening. Once it is open you may access it fully offline!
» What's One touch scrolling?
One touch scrolling is one of the best features of reader. Once a book is launched you can touch the top or the bottom of the screen to scroll to the next page! You don't have to flick every time you want to scroll, just a simple tap will do.  /
» How can I access Reader Settings?
When you have a book open touch the middle of the screen. A small window full of settings will pop up. You may close this window by pressing the (X) on the upper right corner.
» What are the available settings?
  1. Invert: allows you to make the black on white text/background to switch to being white on black. This is really handy when doing reading at night. This will also conserve your battery since the screen doesn't have to display all of those pixels.
  2. Font-size: use the arrows to the right of the icon to increase and decrease the font size.
  3. Bookmark: When you're at a good spot hit the "bookmark" icon to save your spot. A green check-mark will show up if the bookmark was saved.
  4. Exit Book: When you want to return to your shelf and exit the book (Make sure to bookmark before hand! Reader does not auto-bookmark at the moment);
  5. Progress bar and jumping points: The progress bar with the small lights allows you to jump to certain places in the book. For example if you've already read half of the book outside of reader you can just place the middle glowing light to jump to the middle of the book.
  6. We won't force you to scroll through 150 pages just to find your spot. The arrow underneath the status bar shows you where you are in the book!
» I have a bookmark saved, how do I return to my saved spot?
Re-open the book by pressing the icon for your book. If you have a book mark saved you will see a bookmark:

Simply press on the bookmark and you will jump down to your last saved spot.
» Where do I get books for reader?
There are plenty of places to get books, try for a great selection of some free eBooks. Though reader supports PDF we recommend all of your books to be in .TXT format (or any format that you can copy/paste). There are many resources for eBooks online, just search google!
» How do I add your Apps to my Home Screen?

Native apps must be downloaded and synced through the iTunes App Store.

For our web apps, simply navigate to, and tap the app icon. Once the app launches hit the "+" at bottom of the screen

Touch the Add to Home button

Then Touch "Add "
» What is the size limit for an individual book/document?
The current upload limit is 5MB.
If you have larger book, try splitting it up into smaller sections.
» My PDF has DRM (Copyright protection), can I upload it to Reader anyway?
Unfortunately most PDF files with DRM restrictions can not be added to Reader.

There are different types of DRM protection, so some PDF files can be uploaded successfully. We can't guarantee that any PDF with copyright protection will work in our Reader Application.

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