Help & FAQ

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» How do I start a game?
Tap "Wake Up!" from the main menu to start a quick game. If you need to practice something specific tap the "Practice" menu and individual practice questions will appear available.
» My test ended before I could finish!
Each test has a time limit of 45 seconds. The faster you complete the test the higher your score!
» How do I see my past scores?
Tap on "Scores" from the main menu. All of your scores will then be graphed.

To see progress on individual scores tap on "Individual Sections" then tap on the section you want graphed on it's own.

You can tap on the individual points on the graph to view the score received.
» How do I turn off the music?
At the bottom of the main menu screen there is a "Music" icon represented by notes. Tap the icon and the music will turn off.

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