"Noter2 is incredible. I love the sync function, and moving notes is so easy!" Jena A. - San Jose, California

"First Noter, then Reader. Both top notch and really push webapps to the next level!" Jeremy B. - Miami, FL

"This is great! Stripr is truly an awesome application! " Will S. - Los Angeles, CA


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Soya Comics
Social RSS feed reader for your favorite web comics

Your favorite comics are now available in one app!

This app is retired and is no longer maintained.

Love comics?

Your favorite comics are scattered across different websites and are only accessible while you have an internet connection. Web comic lovers rejoice! Soya Comics is an amazing app that allows you to access all of your favorite comics in one convenient place, offline.
I love using Soya during my commute! This app is now part of my daily ritual. - Allan R. (Irvine, California)
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Easy and fun to use

There are many RSS feed readers out there, but Soya is designed specifically to fetch your favorite comics in one easy to use application. The clean Soya interface makes adding your comics a snap. You'll be having a blast browsing your comics without ever worrying about a learning curve.
  • Some comics are big and tall, some have tiny print. In Soya you can zoom and move your comic around your screen to make it fit exactly how you want. There is no size that won't fit Soya perfectly.
  • Join a community of fellow comic lovers. Contribute by adding new comic feeds, and rating comics. Discover new favorites with a growing library of user submitted feeds!
  • Comics in Soya are added and managed by users just like you. If you can't find your favorite comic feed within Soya then become a contributor and submit the RSS feed to your comic. It will instantly be available to hundreds of thousands of Soya users.

Discover new comics

Garfield, Cyanide and Happiness, XKCD, Boondocks, wrobberts, you name it. Soya is a dream app for web comic lovers and web comic publishers. Anyone can add their comics into Soya using our easy to use Contribute page.
Once a comic is added into Soya it is instantly available to hundreds of thousands of users to view.
[Soya] is very fun and easy to use! I've really been enjoying it, thanks guys. This app is perfect!- Jeremy K. (Santa Cruz, California)

I love it! What's next?

Grab your iPhone (iPod, or iPad), and search for "Soya Comics" in the App Store.
Stripr is now known as Soya Comics!
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