"Wow, a book library for my iPhone, and it's free. Just thank you!" Kim Y. - Beaverton, OR

"Congrats, Reader is doing what no Webapp has done before. It's making all Native reader apps look like little toys. Webapp or not, this is top notch." Michael L.

"Reader is essential and so very well done. Thank you for the good work." Bob Brody | General Manager
Showfax, Inc.

"The very innovative toolbar really makes [Reader] easy to use." Chad Garrett -

"The Reader Interface makes me want to read. I just love how clean and sharp the bookshelf is. Wonderful work. I can't wait for your next app!" Karen M. - Boston, MA

"[Reader] is really a great application; I can't talk enough about it." Chad Garrett -


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Keep all of your books under your fingertips
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This app is retired and is no longer maintained.

Reading on the Go

Your entire library collection is at your fingertips. You can even check out books from the built in public library or add your own books by launching the online Reader BookManager

Imagine having your books everywhere you go. During your commute, or at a Doctors office your entire library would be with you without ever having to carry a single book. How much more reading would you be able to accomplish?

Features Beyond Books

From an organized bookshelf interface to the crisp fonts proven to speed up your reading. After using Reader you may never want a hard copy again.

  • Adjust the font size and use one touch scrolling to turn pages.
  • Set an auto scroll speed and your books will flow up just like movie credits.
  • Reader also has a built in dictionary so you can lookup words on the fly.
  • The colors are chosen to be easy on the eyes, so you can read for hours.
  • Reader has a built-in "night time" mode to make it easy to read books at night.
  • Quick bookmarks will let you jump back to exactly where you left off.

"My wife and I love to read at night. The "night-time mode" on Reader has saved my eyes." - Barry J. (Los Angeles, California)

Easy yet powerful

Screenshot Thumb

Reader is different. It not only gives you the option to check out books from a free public library but it also allows you to add your book from your own collection.

You can add news articles, essays, or ebooks from your computer right into Reader using the BookManager. If you know how to copy and paste then you know how to import books into Reader.

Let's get started

It's time to give Reader a try. Pick up your iPhone (or iPod Touch/iPad), launch Safari and navigate to, touch the big Reader icon to launch the app.

There is nothing to download or install. Reader is a revolutionary webapp that works completely offline. You can start adding and reading books within minutes. We want you to get a feel for the app so go ahead and add two books using the BookManager free of charge.

Once you're convinced that Reader is the perfect app for you, buy a Reader subscription. The subscription will allow you to store an unlimited number of books in your account.

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