"How did I ever do without Noter2?!! My wife and I stopped spending money on text messaging and now just sync notes between our account! This app is just awesome." David L. - Tigard, OR

"Webapps, why can't they all be this good? You guys just make it look so easy." Allan A. - Los Angeles, CA

"Noter2 is a great app, I'm happy that you upgraded Noter. This is just awesome." Alex S. - Pasadena, CA

"I can't recommend this app enough. I've tried all the other To-Do list apps, and none have matched up to the quality and reliability of Noter2. " Aaron - New York, NY


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This app is retired and is no longer maintained.

Batch rename & organize files on your Mac

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ReNa works on Snow Leopard 10.6+
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What is ReNa?

ReNa allows you to quickly manipulate your file names to help you keep organized. Replace text, add the date, change case, and change an extension in your files using ReNa.

ReNa can sort and add dates, make your files sequential, instantly.

Search and replace text

replace text

Select all of your files, then set text that you would like replaced. You can remove spaces from file names by entering a blank space and replacing it with an underscore.

Change the extensions of all of your files in simple search and replace


Add dates to your files

Add date and time

Fly through your selected files and instantly add the dates with one click.

This makes sorting through your photos a breeze




Make files sequential

Make sequential

Sometimes you just have a bunch of files you want to make add sequential numbers to. ReNa can take care of it within a few seconds.




Change case of your files

replace case

Sometimes you just need to make all files lower case, ReNa makes this a breeze. Just select all of your files, select the case you would like to switch to and hit Continue.




Add Text to your file names

Add Text

Add text to your file names instantly.

For example if you have a bunch of images and you would like to change the file name to include "_thumb" you can do that with one button press. So all of your files can have a ImageName_thumb.png without any trouble.



Get it now, it's free!

Give ReNa a try, it's an awesome little app. Scroll to the top and download the Mac application. It's free!

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