"The interface for noter is simple and elegant and well suited for the iPhone." iphonefan - Web App Wednesday

"A webapp, that is simple, usable, and makes me productive. What more could I ask for?" Jacque M. - Ventura, CA

"Thank you for noter! What a fantastic webapp" Kevin J. - Portland, OR


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To open this application on your iPhone, navigate your mobile Safari browser to

noter, the first Offline notes/to-do list. The perfect iphone todo application. Complete, full featured, and very easy to use.

Designed around you

noter, simple and efficient. This is the last organization tool you will need for your iPhone. One tap, and you are in the note editing window. Add labels, and prioritization is a snap. Noter was designed to make to-do lists and keep notes on the iPhone nothing short of a pleasure.

Online or Offline, it just works

This is where noter shines. Offline it is still fully functional and extremely powerful noting application. It will automatically save notes in the background as you make changes in noter. With high compression offline storage noter takes noting applications on the iPhone to the next level.

Same notes, every system

Open up noter on your computer, edit and hit Sync. All of the changes are then available on your iPhone. Syncing notes across multiple systems has never been this easy. Store notes in your account and recall them on any system any time. Noter is designed to work with you, it was designed to make your life as easy as possible. With a complete feature set and intuitive interface it is the best noting client on the iPhone.
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