"Financer is indispensable. My account balance is always a button click away. " Kelly S. - Los Angeles, CA

"Noter2 is a great app, I'm happy that you upgraded Noter. This is just awesome." Alex S. - Pasadena, CA

"A webapp, that is simple, usable, and makes me productive. What more could I ask for?" Jacque M. - Ventura, CA


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This app is retired and is no longer maintained.

MindDojo Brain Training at its best

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To launch MindDojo navigate your mobile Safari browser to:
MindDojo, a quick and fun mind sharpening game designed to get you ready for your day.

Flex your brain

Who needs coffee when you have MindDojo. Get yourself ready for your day with a quick reflex test. With a huge array of questions and tests, you will never be bored on your iPhone again. MindDojo will warmup your judgment, math, memory and reflex skills. The MindDojo learns from you, it will test your weaknesses to sharpen your mind.

Track your progress

With a complete score tracking system you will be able to see your progress throughout MindDojo. Watch your improvements, with time and train your weaknesses. With practice you could be the next MindDojo champion!

Compete Online

Among our 150,000 users you will find some of the brightest minds. With quick reflexes & incredible judgement you will always find competition. The highest online scores are listed, and it is nothing short of a direct challenge. It's time to see what you are made of.

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