"If you are looking for a quick Dilbert feed on the run, formated especially for your iPhone, then Stripr is the site for you." iphonefan - Web App Wednesday

"Thanks for creating such a good looking app in 'Financer'" Paul F.

Sweet little simple free app everyone should have." rbart09


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The wise... at your fingertips

We have finally captured the Master! He's a wise man here to help you name your next item. Whether it is a document, a song or even a baby, the Master can handle it all.

Made it? Name it!

Just tap your screen, and watch the Master venture through ages as he brings you the perfect name for your item. Although the Master may appear as a serious man, he's partially senile, meaning his suggestions may be a bit extreme.

But, don't be fooled, the Master has been keeping up with the Web 2.0 Movement, and would love nothing more, but to help you name your next product. Using the latest and hippest techniques, the Master will get the job done.

"My dad used iCantThinkOfBetterName to name me! I couldn't have been happer"
- iCannister (Portland, OR)

"We just released our latest software. It was nearly impossible to settle on a name so we tried iCantThinkOfBetterName. First tap of the screen and we had iSnowmobiles. Perfect."

"Just pure fun, touching the old man is so wrong...but feels so right."

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