"Noter2 is a great app, I'm happy that you upgraded Noter. This is just awesome." Alex S. - Pasadena, CA

"I was a subscriber within minutes. This is a set of apps that EVERY iphone users should have the pleasure to use." Karen P. - Portland, OR

Sweet little simple free app everyone should have." rbart09


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This app is retired and is no longer maintained.

Cup O' Joe Music Edition Learn to read sheet music. Quickly.

Cup O' Joe Music Edition

Learn to sight-read music faster than ever! Available in the App Store

Music minded

Practice your notes from the treble to bass. Start reading music faster than ever before. Learn to read music on your iPhone, improve your sight reading skills and practice, practice, practice. Cup O' Joe Music Edition is the easiest way to learn to sight read music!

Feel awake!

If your regular cup of coffee isn’t waking you up in the morning, Cup O’ Joe will certainly do the job. The fun interactive application is designed to challenge you and get your brain into tip-top shape.

Strong mind, strong body

Mental exercise is the key to good health for both mind and body. Cup O' Joe is a simple way to make mental exercise fun. Just 45 seconds in the morning, and you will feel more prepared and ready to face the rest of your day. Play a quick round before an important meeting, a crucial test, or any time you need a mental edge.

Easy to start, tough to master

Cup O' Joe's intuitive gameplay makes brain training easy. Train across many fun levels. Solve simple math problems, play a quick memory game, test your reaction time, and much more.

You will fall in love with your daily mental workouts!
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